White Day: A Labyrinth Named School | Part 8 | OMG I AM FREAKING OUT! | OLD SCHOOL VIDEOS

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  • FUNKANIC reply Oh dear, this game.
  • [ – ] MEliria reply nice to see a fellow gamer girl :D New to vidme, looking around for cool people:D I followed you :-3
    • [ – ] MarshmallowMachete parent reply Hey MEliria! Oh really? Thank you very much! Yeah I'm pretty new too. Very nice to meet you. I'm so sorry about the quality of this video though lol! It's one of my older ones. So embarrassing...
      • [ – ] MEliria parent reply Dont worry about it ;D I have done the same on my channel,since my newest one are all over 30 I had to dig deep to find my 30 min or less once XD <3
        • [ – ] MarshmallowMachete parent reply Oh you can apply to be verified on here it doesn't take long and then you can upload videos up to 20gb and the video can be longer than 30 mins. I've got 4 hour streams uploaded on here now lol. Here's the link: https://vid.me/verified hope it helps :-)
          • [ – ] MEliria parent reply I actually tried, and I got denied. But it says Im on the Que for verifications so fingers crossed :D But thanks for the link :3
            • MarshmallowMachete parent reply Oh damn. Yeah it should happen for you soon. I think there's a lot of people migrating from Youtube at the moment which might be causing the delay. Yeah no worries!
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