Grammar is racist!

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  • [ – ] Driveling reply As a college student, can confirm this crap has even permeated courses in graphic design. The weasels managed to insert some kind of propaghanda condemning western imperialism for negatively effecting Arabic as it us used in type. In a damned article about fonts. I wish I was kidding.
    • Lachingadera parent reply I read a lot... many of us white folk, particularly the young, haven't been taught proper grammar in school. They're also no longer exposed to Civics, the arts, foreign languages, home ec, shop and all the other subjects that we old folks took for granted... but, yeah, blame the uneducated for the crappy schools that teach nothing. peace.
    • jschlatt parent reply Jesus christ.
  • Mister_Shots reply Some of the claims are strait fucked. If running against Latina's is automatically racist the... would competing channels of different background make me racist?
  • CommunistNaziJew reply I am dyslexic ... comic sans is cancer.
  • DonQuixoteLaMancha reply Wait, I can get oppression points for being dyslexic?
  • gloomyowl11 reply Top kek content, keep it up.
  • Big_Blue reply Well I mean if you want to get into the nighty grity of things SJW's if your want to ban white men you better ban black men first as they commit the most crime.
  • ChrispysTake reply HOLY CRAP!!! I didn't know people were soooo STUPID to suggest a man is racist for running against a latina. So what, white NFL players can't tackle black or other races now? The COMPLETE and utter stupidity of people is mind blowing sometimes.
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