4K,1080P,Framerates,PS4 Pro,Xbox One X, WTF? | BUY & Play what YOU want!

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  • [ – ] SinisterTarheel reply Thing is fanboys like to argue that stuff all day. However enjoy the games in 1080p & 4k enjoy cause different strokes for different folks
    • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply exactly,I have too many games to enjoy than to be arguing about 4K,1080P etc.Most ppl don't have 4k displays so why even b*tch about the XB1 X or the PS4 Pro.
  • [ – ] PILLB0XGAMING reply well said @Ms_K I agree with you 100% people should do what they like!
    • Ms_K parent reply @PILLB0XGAMING thx and yes we are all gamers and should embrace the games,technology
  • Ms_K reply PS4 Pro or Xbox 1 X,if you want to purchase those consoles for "YOUR Gaming Needs" then do so.No need to argue on who has native 4K (On a console) If you want that type of visuals/performance then your best bet is to "Purchase a PC"
  • [ – ] ChariotMan reply I totally agree Ms K. I play what I like. The Switch is one of them. I never really paid attention to framrates. But, that Spiderman is looking good. Always keeping it real.
  • [ – ] OrangeJuiceJones-Games reply I'm good with what I have right now. If it comes down to it I'll get the 4k tv/consoles at a later time, not a necessity at this point. Was able to finally get a switch last week. Don't have any games yet but I was happy to just find the damned thing. I have a full deck of games and systems so I'm content, and that's really all that matters..
    • Ms_K parent reply @OrangeJuiceJones-Games yes sir,as long as u are content and can meet your "gamers needs" thats all that counts...
  • [ – ] o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply Much respect on this input Ms K.
  • [ – ] ManySkills reply With most Xbox games being available on PC with Windows 10 I kind of don't see the point of it anymore. Two birds with one stone. I'd love the PS4 Pro simply for it's memory (and that it's far quieter). I'll pick on my friends a bit if they decide to get an Xbox over Ps4, but it's really all in good fun. We're all gamers at the end of the day!
    • Ms_K parent reply @ManySkills yeah I feel ya and your right.I poke fun w/my friends too but like u said we are all gamers at the end of the day.
  • [ – ] RaysSportsGaming reply @Ms_K I have 1080p TV and have xbox one and ps4. I enjoy my xbox one better even though it only goes to 900p. I got ps4 to play MLB The Show thats pretty much it. I may get Live 18 or 2k18 on ps4 this year. But Madden will always be on xbox one as long as ea access is solely on xbox.
    • Ms_K parent reply I feel ya and its cool u game on what u can and it brings u happiness.i still have a 1080p display along w/a 55" 4k/HDR TV.
  • [ – ] jacobycass reply I hate when ppl talk smack! all i have is a super nes lol
  • [ – ] DUFFD0G reply awesome vid keep up the good work
  • [ – ] Jijipoid reply I agree with your message. I really dislike the group that claims that if you don't like what they like that you are not a real gamer.. or your not a REAL gamer unless you get and like the best of the best PC system or a particular console or games.. When i tell people I like to game i always get asked.. PC or Console? I say both and then they ask what consoles? after .. and typically i get flack if there are ones in there i dont have that they have.. LIke right now i have access to a ps4 and not an Xboxone I have gotten flack for that.. I also got flack back in the ps3 and 360 days for getting the ps3 after the first year (I wait a year to get consoles to avoid paid beta test) and waiting a couple of years for the 360 lol.. I also get a lot of flack for turning my nose at MOST FPS games.. It's like.. why can't I just like what i like and you like what you like.
    • Ms_K parent reply yeah its all about respect of each other.i don't expect ppl to like what I like and thats human.I respect everyones preference likes/dislikes.i guess we are a select few gamers that actually respect one another.
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I will be more this year when I get my nintendo switch with one game soon, I might get sonic forces.
    • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply that's wassup Sonic Forces looks pretty dope.
      • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Yeah well Im a sonic fan but I'm not like one of those crazy sonic fandoms on the Internet , im just a normal sonic fan that I been playing games for years my last sonic game was Sonic generations on the 3DS.
  • [ – ] MisterHan2000 reply Well said. Hell, I have a real craptop(don't buy from Wal-Mart! XD) and yet I'm still able to enjoy lots and lots of games anyway. Just play what you feel like, it's as simple as that.
    • Ms_K parent reply @MisterHan2000 thanks for chiming in and giving me feedback.Yes we as consumers tend to find a way to buy the things we want
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