Super Mario Bros 3: One Life for Glory! [PART 3]

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  • [ – ] RetroRevelations reply The All-Stars version is quite good, but I'm partial to the NES original.
    • [ – ] LukesGamePage parent reply Yeah as kid I choose All Stars over the original every time, but now I would choose the original.
      • [ – ] Infernikus parent reply Both are just as good, although I reckon now with the NES Mini out, the original will be a lot more accessible for the younger generations to hopefully embrace and enjoy.
        • [ – ] RetroRevelations parent reply I agree both are good. I think my only real complain with the All-Stars games, is that somehow they always felt a tad bit "floatier" to me, if that makes sense, compared to the NES originals. Even though they're rare, I imagine it would have been awesome owning the version of All-Stars that also included Mario World in it.
          • Infernikus parent reply I had it as a kid but I lost a lot of my older games when moving countries which is a sickener as I had a fairly large SNES Collection. It is still hands down my favourite console.
        • [ – ] LukesGamePage parent reply Yeah. Played all 30 games via emulator for a vid recently, Mario 3 is still timeless brilliance
          • [ – ] Infernikus parent reply Is that on here? Might just give that a look at. I am yet to purchase one as the only available one I have seen where I live has been ramped up in price to almost €200 which is madness considering shops had them for €70 If I recall.
    • Infernikus parent reply Both are just as good in my eyes. I think whichever you played first you will prefer down to the nostalgia factor. I played the NES version first but owned the All stars version, so thats why this one won out for recording xD
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