London Fire-Bomb Update Video 1

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  • [ – ] XhoXhuXhamen reply Canadians and Americans are funny! Neither of us like terrorists! But one of us is willing to tolerate them for the sake of multiculturalism. Guess which nation has which ideology?
  • [ – ] Inaflap reply We British are a bit stupid. If we did not have yellow rear plates and white front plates, we would not know if we were coming or going. Clearly though, it's an arbitrary rule, as is all law. On my first car, a 1965 VW, my licence plates were silver lettering on a black background. If you have a vehicle registered before 1975, you can continue to use those old style plates. The Queen's car does not have any number plates... just a flag on a pole... and a blue light.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply The British are funny. Some of them call all Germans "Nazis", but lots of them do not know that the whole "Royal Family" has German roots. No Joke.
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