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Phase Shift: Thunder Dragon - Theme of Ryu & Ken (Street Fighter II V) - Guitar Pro 6 Cover

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September 9 2017

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My fourth anime song cover (yes, this is an anime song cover, not a video game song cover as Street Fighter II V is an anime based on Street Fighter II). The "Theme of Ryu & Ken" by Masahiro Kawasaki from the Street Fighter II V anime (pronounced "Two Vee", short for Street Fighter II Victory) and the Street Fighter II V Original Soundtrack. Also known as the "Hadouken Theme" by fans as it is played in the anime when Ryu or Ken focuses their Hadō energy to do Hadōken or Hadō Shoryuken. Anyway, I decide to do editing with this Phase Shift video. I usually just upload these raw but I'm going back to do what I did for my Digimon METALution Medley I and stack two recordings together. I also labeled each instrument (no annotations this time) as well as labeling the section names (since the sections names were cut off when I put two videos together), labeling the tempo and key signature (if you are curious... Well, if I added those, I should have added the time signature as well :P but if you must know, the time signature is in the standard 4/4 throughout). Also added my album art to the top left the song title in the top center and added sprites of Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter II throwing Hadōken at each other since this is the Hadōken theme but also Ryu's and Ken's theme. xD Font I used for the text is the Shoryuken font by Joseph M. Pence: By the way, I made a quick fix to the song.ogg file since I forgot to update the song.ogg (rhythm guitars) for my latest fixes before uploading this and my music video. In the one heard in this video, the final chord was only in the left rhythm guitar (I sustained the whole thing in the right rhythm guitar before it). I hope I don't have any other unwanted audio besides that (I'm curious about some of the fade outs I did). Game: Phase Shift (v1.27) Developer: DWSK Website:…

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