Dungeons and Dragons Review

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  • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 reply Have you heard about the new worlds coming to DDO? The old Ravenloft series is going to be a part of the DDO world. They are going to be using designs and story lines from the old AD&D module and AD&D2 box set.
    • DeckerShado parent reply Wow, I didn't realize that Dungeons & Dragons Online was still around. Last experience I had with MMO DND was Neverwinter. ...let's never speak of it again...
  • [ – ] slyofwar reply On top of the reviews and the gaming channel you could also start a Decker and Dragons channel along with that gun channel idea you had I mean come on who really needs sleep and what not :D
    • [ – ] DeckerShado parent reply Maybe... looks like I might actually be getting a car sooner rather than later, which would mean I wouldn't have to spend half my time walking hours upon hours to get places anymore. More off the cuff reviews of new movies! Yay!
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