F.G.M In America

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  • TenderBabyMeat reply Yes, agreed, every state needs to have laws banning this practice... And then it needs to be applied to male infants as well! No one should have their junk sliced if they are not old enough to understand and give their consent as an adult.
  • Ranting_Discussion reply any mutilation on any person against their will should be punished by prison, this includes infant boys.
  • Vipersword100 reply All genital mutilation should be outlawed. The fact that this is being gotten away with by saying it's part of a religion. I'd like my boot to meet their ass.
  • JohnSmith- reply The double standard of male and female circumcisions https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://quiensebeneficiadetuhombria.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/el-doble-estandar-de-las-circuncisiones-masculina-y-femenina/&prev=search
  • [ – ] Vermithrax reply Why did you dance around MGM? Using gender neutral language but never outright spoke out against it.
    • Omegon parent reply I danced around MGM because the article, I was asked to look at, concerned FGM. I had considered using it as a chance to talk about boys and girls, but I wanted to do them separately as MGM is legal and that raises a few talking points that i felt needed to be put in their own video. I, personally do not think any GM should be legal on infants and that there should be screening involved in performing it upon adults. But
  • Vermithrax reply 3:30 That's the paragraph symbol. Widely used in German countries. A bit surprising to see it in an English text.
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