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  • Mondmann reply Holy shit, PsychicPebbles AND I Hate Everything are uploading here now?! THE REVOLUTION IS HAPPENING BOYS. FUCK YOUTUBE.
  • HiddenxPants reply Actually dolphins are actually out right picks, they do actually just bully other fish when they can their >certainspeies of fish that they will go out-of-the-way to harm or just fuck up their homes for fun, not to mention willing enjoy raping defenseless creatures there are more than enough cases where a dolphin has gone to a person and violently rape them because they felt like it. their>probbly one of if not the worst breeds of animals sense the Tasmanian devil. And you would actually surprised to know sharks actually never out right attack people because they know their not food, so basiclly if you a want a proper compassion dolphins are cats and sharks are dogs and get all the attention not to mention sharks have also saved people from deadly prederors like killer whales.
  • AcetheDolphinGuy reply good video, even if I don't like it cuz of my user name lol :)
  • SavedGameStudios reply I've always loved your videos mate! Glad to see you on vid.me :D
  • MonigMedia reply some Dolphins can be gay
  • sojuface reply what did the dolphins do to deserve this!
  • moothedestroyer reply Wow a new episode of naruto and pikachu
  • sandia_mesa_mlh reply Dolphins may seem cute, but deep underwater, they form several crime gangs.
  • TheBaconFromHell reply No youtube heroes here
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