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  • Markusooi reply In Australia many spiders are very toxic. The Sydney Funnel Web spider is the most dangerous spider in the world. In 2016 a victim died from the bite of that spider. Parents fear that the kids will think all spiders are harmless. Not so in Australia.
  • JannaJonna reply In Australia spiders are NOT small and harmless.. I have seen videos of them and I would not want kids to big them up. So understand the concern in Australia.
  • freerangehobo reply I say BULLSHIT! My father was hospitalized by a brown recluse bite. I was sickened for two months by getting bitten by a wolf spider. It angers me to hear the irresponsible remarks that spiders are harmless. Interesting, sure, but harmless? Some can kill you, and others can cause serious problems.
  • RayOfHope reply I picked a Caullie from my garden last week and as I was cleaning it for dinner, a funnelweb came out. Given that I had a close encounter with a redback last year, I will never work in the garden without gloves again. I have seen some white tips as well, and though they are not generally fatal, the bites are apparently hideous.
  • YungJ reply I see a spider, I kill it. Simple.
  • [ – ] PeterNerlich reply So much for Australia and international content distribution. In Europe, specifically in Germany where I live, I guess 99% of spiders you encounter (cellar spiders, sometimes also called daddy long-legs spider, or the European harvestman, which isn't even a real spider) are small and almost unnoticeable and are literally not capable of hurting you in any way, except for the psychic terror they might give some rather sensitive individuals. Australia is really the only exception to this, which is why I totally understand both the original message and the complaints in Australia.
    • PeterNerlich parent reply For the sake of the argument I need to make a correction. That the spiders I was talking about make out about 99% of the encounters is probably a critical overestimate. Still, I suspect they make out the majority. In ares which are not cities of course there are other spiders, e.g. the cross spider, which do not neccessarily come to mind if you are living in residencial areas of a certain minimum size, such as myself. It is not as dense as in big cities, but there are certainly no big spaces without buildings (like crop fields) nearby.
  • WebNoob reply I like smashing spiders.
  • msknight reply Peppa Pig is made in the UK and that particular episode was 2004. The majority of UK spiders are completely harmless. However, there is an invader called the False Widow which, although now as poisonous as the Black Widow, it can certainly do you a lot of harm. It has been gaining ground in recent years due to the milder weather we've had recently and I believe that they might not have made this episode if they were doing it now. The age range that Peppa Pig is aimed at; children of that age could have difficulty in telling the difference between fantasy and reality. That could be dangerous in countries like Australia with a lot of venomous small spiders, that are not as clearly marked as the tarantula, which has markings that scream, "Stay the heck away from me !"
  • GaryTurbo reply It would've been obvious if it wasnt for the Black Widow, the rest are pretty harmless
  • WolfyAU82 reply Depends on the spider and their given temperament - as for the "Won't hurt you" . A common Blackhouse spider is timid (that much Minuscule gets right), back can get cantankerous if you get too close. Never been bit by one, but I don't want to experience being bent over a toilet after a painful bite (after reading what their venom is can do to you).
  • YourSugoiStrwbry reply Omg over protective parents, why do you ruin cartoons? It's fake. Deal with it
  • YakopDankMemes reply Check out my last video funny af xD
  • HotnessMania reply i dont like spiders
  • SeanShadowBlood reply I understand the worry of parents but I agree, they are taking this way too seriously, it's a fucking cartoon with talking animals, this is light cuz boy have i seen violent ones, like, idk, happy tree friends? I would never share that with a child, or, maybe I would if i feel evil lol ok jokes aside, I see two fails in this issue, number one; parents are taking this show way too seriously, sure, it's true, spiders are mostly small but only a few are harmless, there are many types of spiders with varied sizes but a lot of them are poisonous and their venom can kill. The second problem; bad message, I believe that instead of saying spiders are small and harmless, they should instruct that many are small and harmless but that caution should be taken as there are spiders who will bite but then again, it's a cartoon for kids which brings me to my final point; if you're a parent and your child is watching it, shouldn't you explain that this is a cartoon and that some spiders do bite? Really...more people it doesn't kill to teach your child how to be careful, it hard i know but nobody said parenting is easy.
  • Sounduser reply In England spiders can't hurt you.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply This is batshit crazy. Has anyone watch South Park? I remember 2 yr olds going with their parents to watch the movie
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