YouTubers Screwing up in 2017

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  • [ – ] baddivinity reply This video was well put together!
  • [ – ] Pumpkinlattr reply Good vid man
  • tronbuddy reply Lol the ending
  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Very well thought out video and nice execution. I actually watched your whole video ... Why not because i Follow you because i don't .. Not because i have heard of you because i have not. It's solely because it's not the same screaming Follow the leader video that's burying all the amazing content there is to see on here. TY for sharing your point of view and caring to make it enjoyable You get a big upvote from me and a new Follower.
  • patrickbrinkmann reply Karambolage omg
  • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc reply Just disappointed with the lot of them lately. And it's sad to see despite them making content worth watching once in a while.
  • WillyMacShow reply Thanks for watching everybody, it took a long time to make, but I think it was worth it :)
  • Pizzapu reply Dude you right good video bro Youtube is dead.
  • OleCrankyGamer reply Great video!
  • N3RDYKNOWIT reply Sweet Video Man.
  • [ – ] Nathan_Sample reply I think you did a good job on the video, and I'm actually not terribly familiar with any of these content creators but I did wanna say that the one point I heard you say that I thought was a little unfair was about vacations, I think vacations are actually important and good for people's mental health and wellness.
    • WillyMacShow parent reply I didn't make the point terribly clear in the video, but Joe takes 1-3 month vacations every year. I was making fun of how Joe literally lied to everyone about his work ethic. Trust me. A quarter of the year is joe on vacation.
  • [ – ] Herringchoker reply As for TotalBiscuit, i'm pretty sure there's more context to the decision:
    • [ – ] WillyMacShow parent reply Not really. TB banned comments well before this podcast was released. He goes on to say how he doesn't want to deal with internet hate because it gives him unneeded stress. I think thats fair. However, just a few weeks later he is attacking and banning fans on twitter/reddit. Then you have the CoxCon situation. I didn't go into it because I didn't want to spend another 5-10 minutes talking about TB. At the end of the day, TB is an hypocrite, liar, and poisoned by his own ego. In his mind, he has never done anything wrong.
      • [ – ] Malum parent reply I wish you had added that extra 5-10 mins. I started watching TB in his early days and gave him a pass on the disabling comments action. I didn't know about these disgusting comments and views he expressed. If you ever cover it in more detail I'll be sure to watch. Great video BTW.
        • WillyMacShow parent reply I do not take request. lol I'll think about making a video specifically on him in the near future. There's a lot of potential for a video when looking into other comments he's replied to, or straight out banned. In fact he even admits to some of his faults in a more recent video. Great idea :)
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