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  • duffy reply nice countdown! nicer hair.
  • WebNoob reply Samurai Jack is the Cowboy Bebop of cartoons.
  • erwinsuryadipraja reply I Just Recomend Movie and TV Series Full Movie Online its FREE, Subtitle Complete Here : , Thanks Guys
  • FictionAddiction reply @IanRandolph I get a lot of comments on certain intros that should have been on here... I keep considering doing a video where I comment on the most common ones, not really doing a "top 10" but simply saying what I think of each. How does that idea sound to you?
  • FictionAddiction reply @pokematic @TheMageofBreath Yes, I did hear, and I am looking forward to it like crazy! I may well rewatch the show soon with that in mind.
  • TheMageofBreath reply Lucky for you, Young Justice is getting another season :3c
  • IanRandolph reply My second VidMe video! I was hoping to find Danny Phantom on this list. Haha, it's fine.
  • pokematic reply Yeah, hopefully go gets canceled soon, or at minimum stops getting shown half the day every day. Young Justice is getting a 3rd season, did you hear. The original crew is coming back for it.
  • Maddie_Mc_Cheese23 reply #10 Not to mention all the homages to the original and earlier spinoffs in the intro. Seriously, the first shot of the castle, the bats that fly past, the first character we see is Scooby and then we get the full cast. Even the mummy segment is an homage to the Scrappy Doo intro. (ugh scrappy Doo) It's kickass and self aware and I love it so much
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