Furby's reacting to Felix + PJ torturing Furby :'(

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  • [ – ] BadwolfGamer reply I still have my old Furbies from years ago.
    • [ – ] xOdarbiOx parent reply thats awesome :) i love how they are still around. and the old once still mostly work. :)
      • [ – ] BadwolfGamer parent reply They're a good bit of Nostalgia mine are the originals sadly the voice on one of them doesn't work anymore which is a shame.
        • [ – ] xOdarbiOx parent reply one of mine, the white one is starting to loose its voice. its a second hand one.
          • [ – ] BadwolfGamer parent reply I got one as a birthday present the other my mum bought for me I also have a baby furby and a shelby.
            • xOdarbiOx parent reply i always wanted a shelby. I'm sure if i hunt ill end up finding one, one day. I'm ganna wait for the price to go down and get myself the new connect style. they are adorable. the ears move separately but the looks of them too.
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