Sonic Mania - Custom HUD & Omelette Mod

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  • [ – ] ReverofEnola reply Was this inspired by Prem?
    • [ – ] DaveAce parent reply Well, Not going to say I didn't watch his video on it, but I really did want to check out the Omelette mod. I saw a Blaze mod and was going to do that with this mod instead of the Custom HUD, but I'm not too sure if it's fully complete yet, so I decided to wait
      • [ – ] ReverofEnola parent reply That makes sense. So do you know what Sonic game you are going to be doing after this or is this just Mania mods with discussion videos? Plus, I'm pretty all of us have lost in puyo puyo in Mania at least once. I know I have.
        • [ – ] DaveAce parent reply Hahah, I have another series planned for the channel, I just thought I'd spend sometime taking a look at some Sonic Mania mods while its still a trend going around ya know? Plus it adds new and interesting things to the game! I might do a couple of more mods/new mods before moving on to my next series so I gain try and gain somewhat of a relevant audience
          • [ – ] ReverofEnola parent reply I see what you are getting at. Though I will say that you may have to change up when Forces comes out. That is if you are planning on getting it that is.
            • [ – ] DaveAce parent reply Got my Preorder in a couple of days ago, so yeh
              • [ – ] ReverofEnola parent reply Ah snap I should probably preorder mine. This for PC or for console?
                • DaveAce parent reply I was conflicted between the two, I wanted to get it for PC because I knew it'd be easier to record, but at the same time I didn't want to risk buying it, and it not run well on my PC. Also, I felt the controller skin was pretty cool, so, in the end, I decided to preorder it for console just to be on the safe side, recording footage will be a bit weird but I will try my best to get content out as fast as I can for the game
          • DaveAce parent reply So I can try and gain* Don't know why gain was put there twice lol.
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