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  • [ – ] HamUglyNoots reply woah this shit be actually real fuckin deep i mean think about it yo my man how many time a real boy just scream like we need to do this more often cause when we scream is like the soul getting some sun if you get my saying anyways man as always good vid, keep it up. ur bigggest fan ham fam love <3
    • [ – ] MemeCulture parent reply the biggest problem with modern people is that they won't look low enough to see their nature, bro. you just gotta let it out every now and then and just scream at an object and upload it to vidme, mello.
      • HamUglyNoots parent reply for real, people now o days think art is a product thanks to modern capitalism when art really is a medium of tru soul expression, thats why i think switching to a communism based society is really the best alternative to humanity as a whole, xenus bless (im scientologist).
  • [ – ] Zararus reply Lmfao put this on loop and set it as your wake up alarm XD
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