Aid to Puerto Rico to Be Streamlined, Shipping Restrictions Waived by Trump

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  • [ – ] GringoChorizo reply My understanding of the problem is not a lack of ships to move material, it a backup of goods at the port. The ports are stuffed full of material but the capacity to move goods through the gates is at, what on port manager said, 4% of normal. He said there will continue to be ships stuck at sea without the ability to offload because the ports can't get enough truck and truck drivers to move the goods out of the port. The Jones Act was being used as an excuse to blame Trump. They floated a trial of that narrative a few places earlier in the week.
    • LT_Fish parent reply That is a good point as well that isn't being addressed much elsewhere. While the USCG has certified ports open, that doesn't mean that those specific ports have the draft to accept something like the USNS COMFORT or a lot of other big cargo ships. The military delivered several hundred thousand gallons of gas a few days ago, but there's still the internal logistics issue of getting it where it's needed most to fuel the trucks, etc.
    • [ – ] erebusarchon parent reply Considering that they are acting like Trump is doing literally nothing even though he's actually been doing plenty, including expanding FEMA.... They don't care. They'll construct any lie to pretend Trump is doing nothing.
  • ironrope reply "the reality most people experience is perception; it is not even real" nailed that point straight on its green haired head. now the crybullies will (hopefully) stop politizing "muh drumpf doesnt care about puerto rico i care so much" and stories of the like. as a side note - where was everyone when puerto rico wanted to become the 51st state, had a vote, and ultimately had to scrap the vote because a majority of the population didn't show up? where was the american outcry then? where were the americans calling THEM americans then? the irony and nearsightedness of the left is baffling. president trump, once again, executed a perfect TRUMP TRAP.
  • [ – ] RobertTLongway reply I want Puerto Rico to be our 51st state!
  • [ – ] LT_Fish reply This is a topic near and dear to my heart - see my essays at - The Jones Act is a piece of legacy legislation that should have been repealed decades ago. Jones Act ships require US manufacture, flagging, crewing, etc. Even the USCG and Navy can have non-citizen sailors - but not commercial merchant ships. Why else does it cost orders of magnitude more to ship a container from San Dog to Hawaii than from San Dog to Bahrain or China, etc? The Jones Act is an abomination that vastly increases costs of everything in Alaska, Hawaii, PR, etc. Just freaking stupid.
    • LT_Fish parent reply American shipping *isn't* particularly strong - where are you getting your facts? - here's a gov't sponsored paper on why nobody wants to use US shipping: - seriously, this is a good article.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Awesome! Ill have to check out that site
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply This place turned down the opportunity for statehood at least once that I am aware of. I believe that they did this because they did not want to be subject to US tax laws. Perhaps I'm wrong? Anyway, maybe they should not have made this choice!
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Real patriotism.. real civic pride is appreciating the freedoms of this
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Country but also having visions for the future. It's not a blind allegiance to the flag or some mantra..m it's wanting to preserve the republic and culture that i came to enjoy as a young man. Knowing there are fellow citizens like you gives me pride hahah. Stay sassy.☺
  • [ – ] o_obilly reply Jones act was for Hawaii wasnt it?
    • [ – ] LT_Fish parent reply Jones Act is for ALL US shipping - inland waters like Great Lakes, Mississippi, etc and all coastal shipping including Hawaii, Alaska, PR. Ever wonder why cruise ships have to make stops in Canada between Alaska and Seattle or in the Carib between Florida and Florida? Non-Jones Act ships have to stop in a Non-US port between US port stops. Only "standard" exception is for the Marshall Islands given their distance from non-US territories.
      • o_obilly parent reply My point was the cause originally for the act...but I mixed it up.. Hawaii cam way later... there are other exceptions... canadian ships in alaska... (NAFTA supercedes Maritime shipping act/ plus canada probably bribes them too. American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands arent under the us customs so... And USVI. 3 islands crazy to think american shipping is so fragile. free enterprise? capitalism, and letting markets decide whats best? all disregarded.
  • [ – ] scaramanga reply A) isn't the fact that the port @ san Juan[ opened on 23nd or so] and a second one [open on 27th or so] [neither are centrally located] can only operate during daylight with displacement restrictions thus not full capacity 24hrs a day; could be an issue? B) roads are also precarious: road beds being undermined, full road washouts, trees & power lines strune across, buildings shifted over roads and the majority of effected roads being mountain roads. According to my cousin who just left the island [i know personal account mean squat] the most effective truck to ship goods would have to be small Nissan ranger trucks not big 14 wheelers nor duce and a half trucks.
    • [ – ] LT_Fish parent reply No, the fact is that there are very few ships certified for Jones Act usage - normally just a handful of ships making weekly routes between PR and the mainland (and one of them was sunk during a hurricane last year or the year before - made the news for part of that reason - 30+ years old, not upgraded, etc).
      • [ – ] scaramanga parent reply Question is this specific reply ment for gringochrizo, not a problem vidme screwedup a couple of replys for me.
        • [ – ] LT_Fish parent reply Mostly a general reply, but also in reference to "not full capacity 24hrs a day" - the total number of Jones Act certified ships on the East coast capable of making it to PR and back - wouldn't even dent normal capacity at PR harbors.
          • scaramanga parent reply Ah ok it was your response to gringochrizo referencing coastie port certification and road condition issues that i was referencing [don't think gc talked about that] that screwed my understanding over.
    • scaramanga parent reply Since I can't edit things, the idiots still blame him saying he acted too late. He prepositioned an aircraft carrier at Guantanamo, [fema coasties navy and additional national guard from other states were already there and the virgins working on irma prep for Harvey], disaster declarations for irma was already in effect and a new 1 for maria already filed what else can he do?
    • scaramanga parent reply Damn this was a reply to gringochrizo, damn phone.
  • [ – ] tmosley reply Yes, please, let us hand the Democrats at least three electoral votes.
    • scaramanga parent reply They are more republican than you think especially after the hash the popular parti national had wrought. Pr will be either purple or red, it pisses off mainland puerto ricans.
    • PureCrimson parent reply sure they will be voting for dems after joining country run by a republican who basically saved them after devastation.
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