K.O. Drive (Unreleased) - Sega - Amusement Expo 2013

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  • [ – ] Elkplaysandpaints reply I kinda see why it wasn't working out. This game had potential, in fact I loved the design of the menus and cars, but judging from that one racetrack you played it didn't look very interesting at all. Driving over the buildings sounds cool on paper, but the track looked very generic and unlike Las Vegas. It'd look better if you drove through the streets instead of over the buildings. In fact, Sega's other arcade racers from Daytona USA to Sega Race TV decorated the racetracks with eye-popping setpieces to clue you in on where you are and help you memorize the track. I wouldn't know if the other racetracks had better designs though. Plus, the handling model looked rather iffy
    • [ – ] Arcade_Heroes parent reply From what I recall, the handling was fairly loose and needed a bit of work. Almost like it was designed for an analog thumbstick instead of an arcade steering wheel (the Cars arcade game suffered the same problem). IIRC, that was the only track I played where you were driving above buildings, I remember playing one on the ground as you drove through a castle but it was still very rough.
      • [ – ] Elkplaysandpaints parent reply Yeah, I saw your video on Cars too and I thought the handling looked better there than it did here, but there's only so much I can gather without playing either game myself. I would love the chance to try out K.O. Drive and see how far it came before the plug was pulled.
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