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  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply 4 hundo followers = you dance in a Donkey Kong costume okay cooolllllll. *Donatello Gif* lmao
  • MariaTheGerman reply Hahaha always coming straight from your mind no planning!! Love it!!! Soo many awesome peeps!!! 💖💖
  • [ – ] danielamann reply Dude!!! Thanks for picking me! I reallllly do appreciate that my man! And soooo many nice things said about me...seriously means a lot dude! The last name is pronounce Awe-men - like the second time you said it. Also, not to get on you too bad, but we were in the national championship so I feel fair correcting you with the fact that its Gon-ZAG-a not Gon-ZOG-a ;D One day the world will figure it out hahahaha!!!! Cheers dude! Hope to see a drone in your hands one day, as they really are a blast
  • iAmEnglishTV reply Nice man! This community is awesome!
  • BedtimeGaming reply Haha, I haven't gotten shouted out in so long. I didn't think I would because I'm considered big. Thanks a bunch and hope everybody keeps growing. Well, I know what I have to do next week. :)
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply Yes,SoldierzThatGame is my brand,lolz and u can definately purchase a t-shirt it's a lot of us STG.The Facebook group is poppin'....
  • BrianAiya reply i love that you gave shoutout to the creators who are Vidme exclusive or are active in the community.
  • MrKnoxious reply Great selections :)
  • HeZoKo reply Great creators you picked bro!!
  • skpacman reply Been seeing a lot of the same creators being mentioned in these community challenge vids, but yours had a few new ones. More people to add to my list to watch! :) Great vid, bud.
  • Wolfer reply Awe shit son! Great job! :) I've seen a lot of these channels around, I'll have to check'em out!
  • SubZeroAppleSauce reply Thanks for the shoutout! Keep up the great videos!
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply XD Dude, I don't know what I do most days! Thanks for the shout out, man!! (Also thanks for the follow!)
  • DevinSeviyn reply lol... raw dog... big one...
  • Directionally_Challenged reply Aww you gave sal a shoutout :D she's my friend, I'm really glad she's getting some love.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply I will give you a shout out tomorrow along with @WARPATH_GAMING
  • JennyFedora reply Lol, good to see you are still at it @ChaoticGaming. I guess this means that I should really bring the "Shed Time" Series back. I've just been too busy to be raw and real recently!
  • RubenLeija reply haha you goddam troll. Trying to troll me. That cheat code thing, is a LIE!
  • Ms_K reply that's wasssup,thank you for the support Chaotic!!!
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