Neo-Nazi Converts To Islam, Then Kills His Nazi Pals

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  • BobElschlager reply A million assumptions in this video. Though at least it gets viewers thinking about this creator's lines of reasoning, and maybe about the viewer's own lines of reasoning too. However, the creator has a calm enough voice, and sort of rational enough too, that I don't react real strongly against the video, like plantfiledman did. I think I'll temporarily follow DavidDoel, even though I'm probably pretty far from a lot of his assumptions. .
  • plantfilledman reply Insanely irrational arguments! Especially from a person who "does not like religion". How the hell do you plan to treat a sick mind like that "properly"?! And where this guy will live after being treated ? In my neighborhood? How dare you say it is not the problem of the religion? Do you know anything at all about Islam? It produces mindless, heartles, immoral, pedofile evildoers on a conveyor belt... Please educate yourself before spreading "thoughts" like these...
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