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My Talk June 9 2017 BLOWING IT OUT!!!

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  • marycozzens ok, we need a permanent law forbidding the use of human dna in any cross over experiments. they make rice grown with human dna supposedly to create better medication, but in reality, putting our dna into a plant will offer human dna into the pollen of local crops...... Soylent Green is PEOPLE!
  • marycozzens unfortunately doctors do not really know when someone is brain dead, and the usual course is to rush to remove them from things keeping their body alive. Some people have recovered when it was not expected......... but science needs to do things in the right order; get a true definition of brain dead, and then just behave!
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NEEDLES
    • j7409skynews parent Hi jerzeydolphin thanks for watching..At least you knew what i meant..:)..Luv you bro. Take Care..Peace and Love..J
  • j7409skynews I said afganastan but i meant Saudi Arabia sorry i was just sick of it...J
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