Legion 88 - Leon Degrelle

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  • Hans_Westmar reply In Belgium in 1935, Léon Degrelle declared war on all the rottenness, on all the bankters. Faced with these rats, REX will overcome! In Germany you met with Hitler, You Dreamed of a United Europe that was being built. but the democracies declared war. Opposing these traitors - Legion Wallonie !! Warrior for our Blood, symbol of the soldier, guide to the activist (Leon Degrelle) You, you are an example of Fidelity by the blood you spilled! (Leon Degrelle) On the eastern front, the fighting raged on, You joined as a simple soldier and you will always proudly honour the Double S runes engraved with your blood 75 hand to hand battles you were always the first to the front in the midst of all those deaths, no one survived, you are the last!! You cannot go home to your own country. For this they enacted LEX DEGRELLANA (Law) You've been exiled to Spain yet you carry on the fight At the age of 81 you still fight the enemies of our race Despite the lawsuits, despite the Threats.. National Soc...moreialism will triumph one day! Warrior for our blood, symbol of the soldier, guide to the activist (Leon Degrelle)
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