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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canada got some Great News May 27, 2017 We have a new leader in our Opposition Party Conservative that has values of supporting Canadians. One of his promises was to eliminate the Carbon TAX. He said it's shameful how they TAX home heating fuel. Now we need to get him elected in 2 Years. The current leader Trudeau showed his pink socks at the G7 as he is a Feminist. I think people should start a trend by presenting him pink panties or pink socks, maybe even some sarcastic remark like put them on or give us a kiss now. LOL Faith Goldy: Trump vs. Trudeau on the World Stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytsUTS5COsc
  • ClimatePonziLie reply A person breath has approx. 40,000 PPM (Parts Per Million) of CO2 which is 100 times the concentration in the Atmosphere at approx. 400 PPM. A person Breath is natural it is not poison and breathing CO2 on a person doesn't kill them as it is not poison or pollution. The Climate Change nut have now resorted to calling your breath pollution in a bid to sell their nonsense to impose Carbon pricing, TAXING, Cap & Trade, Carbon Credits, Carbon Trading, etc. This is all for the benefit of wall street and their Globalist friends. There using this war on CO2 a PONZI SCHEME that will make the Federal Reserve 20 Trillion Debt look like peanuts. If you think CO2 is pollution then don't exhale on your child because that would be child abuse, it time to stop accepting and standing up against these Globalist lies.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Trudeau is using his position to fund raise for his Trudeau Foundation while he gives away Canadians' money. He is a Communist with the public money but he is a Capitalist with his own. Trudeau said that he wants Canadians to succeed while he is redistributing Carbon TAXES to Wall Street. The Christian community needs to think about this, Trudeau has joined in Muslim Prayers at several Mosques. There are many videos of Trudeau joining them in prayer. Would any true Christian bow to another god. He is a Globalist and he wants easy votes that is why he is bringing in so many refugees. It has nothing to do with defending Canada, or working for Canadians. Trudeau said he admiration for CHINA'S basic dictatorship. CHINA dictatorship uses dumping and trade imbalances. Then Trudeau praised CASTRO calling him a loving and great leader. He give 15 million to organizations with ties to terrorism. He has also commits $2.65-billion to climate-change funding, who is getting our TAX dollars for a f...moreake problem, this is a Globalist moving our money. Canada's pension fund is ready to invest $2 billion in affordable housing in Mumbai, why can't he invest the money into Canada to solve the housing problems in his own country. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to donate $650 million for abortions world wide. Justin Trudeau took an MP, party president to vacation on Aga Khan’s private island after the Khan Foundation Canada received $75 million. Trudeau has praised communist leaders, gives money to terrorist, when a mother said to him that she can't pay her bills his response is hopefully the province will help you. He is going ahead with his plans to add climate TAXES. It has to be obvious Canada is Trudeau's piggy bank. Trudeau pledges 650M and claims men have more "reproductive rights", Trudeau gives Muslims $43,000 as Seniors go without Heat! Trudeau is a communist and wants to redistribute your wealth why doesn't he want to start giving away his Trudeau Foundation first. He has already give away Billions of your money for his guilt of being rich.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Carbon TAX PONZI SCHEME is part of making coal and other forms of energy more expensive so they can claim that alternatives are less expensive, that is why the Federal Government is conducting a war on Alberta's resources. It has introduced 1 Billion Carbon Capture for NO reason but to increase the cost of Fuel production, New Regulations on Natural Gas have been announced. Carbon Pricing, Carbon trading, Cap and Trade, Carbon Credits are designed to enrich the Bankers of Wall Street. All fuels are TAXED and they plan to continue automatically increase Carbon Taxes every year to fund the war on the fuel there TAXING. This is a deliberate design attempt to destroy a vital industry to replace it with HIGH COST un-reliable intermittent fake energy alternatives that will put us all in the poor house. There destroying a efficient energy system with regulations and TAXES to drive up it's cost while they pass on a $14,000.00 rebate for Tesla cars. Were these same Oil and Gas TAX dollars u...moresed to build a Tesla learning Center. Then these Electric cars can help increase the demand for electricity even higher so everyone that can't afford and electric car can pay increased power rates for those that can as this will only drive the cost of electricity higher. People are seeing the truth and the results of this scheme, how it is increasing electrical cost so they have introduce pricing caps on electricity to hide what their doing until it's too late too reverse the damage these brainwashed climate change fanatics are pushing. It all part of the PONZI SCHEME to try an convince the public that their getting value for the money being stolen from us by the NDP and Liberal Government. They put up a good front with big Wind mills and fake benefits of their solar panel displays.
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