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  • [ โ€“ ] 123-Proverb-Monkey reply Very good word from you! Very good! Sometimes the positions we are put in are hideous and evil,and we have to some how use those against the enemy. It is Not easy,you have to have the Right Kind of Stubbornness and Strength to go through it. It has gotten to the point to where I can look and listen to some Preachers and know that they have never been in any kind of suffering,that they have no idea what true warfare is.Lots of folks say they have been called to preach,yet they still have to wait until JESUS says you are now ready,they jump the gun.FATHER GOD is putting peoples SOULS into your hands,this is deep beyond any measurement of man.Souls that FATHER ALMIGHTY GOD puts into your hands.This is not a joke or a video game.It is sad that it seems that the enemy's children take this war more seriously than the children of GOD.You have to learn everything you can,Biblicaly and everything else.You can apply all knowledge to this Fight.The enemy is messing with our DNA,testosterone,hormo...morenes and estrogen levels,putting chemicals in our air,water,food,getting away with unholiness beyond measure and the children of GOD want to fight and argue about flat earth-round earth,which bible to use,what is the true name of the SON of GOD,which feast or holidays to practice or celebrate,if you eat ham or bacon,if you are a man you have to have a beard to be blessed,which denominations is best.All of it is infighting,HOLY SPIRIT shows us in the WORD of GOD what happened to the Twelve Tribes of Israel when they did not act like a True Family-a True Tribe,they were ripped apart.Sad.Good to see you here.You are a Valued Daughter of ALMIGHTY LORD CREATOR MAKER FATHER GOD! YOU Tracy May bring Tears of joy to JESUS! Thank you!
    • TracyMay_ parent reply Thank you brother, and 'yes' the battle is real. Many can not see the true nature of the enemy. For he comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. We as a body of believers have lost our way!! Many have depended upon their knowledge instead of letting the Holy Spirit teach them. Arrogance has over taken the body, where humility has taken a back seat to the doctrines of men. WE MUST RETURN TO THE OLD WAYS!! Where you need no education to love, and follow GOD!! Where the word of 'TRUTH' sets men free, and no devil in hell can stand against it. Where God is God, and we humble ourselves as his people. Precious Father hear my cry, and help us depend on you like never before, humble us precious Lord and let the 'LIGHT' of "GOSPEL" be our strength. Teach us to run to you for 'ONLY' under the shadow of your wings are we safe. Protect us and guide us....... God bless my friend, and give him your strength. In the authority of the name which is above every name, the Lord Jesus Christ. The great 'I A...moreM" hear my cry and help us finish this race. bring in the lost and help them see the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ..... You are loved and prayed for brother๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ
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