Al-Naslaa Rock Split in Half by Aliens or Advanced Lost Technology?

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  • [ – ] lewren reply First off it would be interesting to know when this stone was cut. Secondly it would also be interesting to know what type of stone it is. Third, if it were cut by laser we would most likely see remains of it as it would turn stone into magma. Forth thing, I noticed there was a gap underneath the stone where the crack is. Occam's razor would therefor probably go something like this: A chain or band was used or harder material, connected to a wheel that was driven by someone (man or animal). This would allow for the band to pass freely both over and under, chipping away at the rock making a very clean cut. Something like this:
    • [ – ] OnPoint_TV parent reply Thanks for the video! I just got done watching it and its good information added to my library of knowledge lol. The distance it would take for a man or animal to walk a straight path using a chain or band would be too long to chip away in my opinion. This would also create imperfections unlike the video that you linked which the method shows it is stationary and motorized to cut it at that speed. It doesnt stop, move, and try to re-position itself to continue cutting it. Thank you!
      • [ – ] lewren parent reply Oh no, not at all.. A rock like that could easily be cut in a day by a man. He would probably have to work a full day, but I'm quite certain it would be possible to do it in a day. At most, a few days. Hm, I think you misunderstood me. I meant that they could have used the exact same technique as in the video I linked to. Although its done with a motor, it could be done with a regular wheel of some sort. The faster it goes, the cleaner the cut.
        • [ – ] OnPoint_TV parent reply Ah, gotcha...yea i can see what you mean now. I can that being a possibility. Do i think it was used for this though? dont think so, i feel like the techniques used from all around the world that are similar would of been my knowledge, we have 0 evidence on how any of it has been created :/ Somethings just dont make sense and i feel so lost. I hope i can get a bunch of people to view my videos and listen to what i am saying just so i can listen to others opinions and feedback. I find a sense of relief when i can share my thoughts of the unexplained with others..Anyways, thank you for commenting!
          • lewren parent reply Since the use of a band+wheel is so simple, I would say that is the most likely way. The technique is nothing new, so I see no reason for it not to be know even going back thousands of years. Its also fairly simple. Using for example leather for a band (perhaps with sand or something similar applied to it) and a wooden wheel would suffice and its easy to see how that would never stand the test of time, although the idea on how to cut like this lives on today- which is what one would expect. Yeah, there are lots of mysteries and its interesting to think about, but its always important to be critical- even tho there are things that are very hard being critical about. Like (going back to) the pyramids for example. To me, none of the official explanations make any sense, neither do I have any ideas on how they might have done it. That reminds me, something you might want to look into: Coral Castle. Anyway, good luck :)
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