SJW / Feminist rant: Why Final Fantasy XV RUINED Luna! (FFXV spoilers) VIDEO RESPONSE

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  • ToyBountyHunters reply I haven't played this game, but I agree with your assessment!
  • [ – ] BacklogGamingJunkie reply This is such a touchy subject - i'll leave it at that.. with an Upvote
  • LuminousDragon reply Ha, you had me convinced in the beginning. I almost started writing a response to your reasoning when you said you were joking. :)
  • Huktoz reply so when you say that they fight for you and groups like thy are useful idiots? and you can talk for your self instead of letting these over gown toddlers (SJWs and modern Feminists). fight your battles BBG
  • quitwastinmytime reply SJW's these days are selfish people who get angry for no one but themselves. Let's not make today's feminists out to be Susan B. Anthonys
  • Dezmounts reply How can you receive attention on Im a very very early staged creator and I need help! Thank you
  • [ – ] DreamMix reply Hey looky there, the first channel that I follow exclusively on vidme
  • [ – ] ShimonKonichiwa reply I respectfully disagree with your opinion... You probably never thought a person like me existed as most people who disagree with feminist go "GO DIE YOU DIRTY PIECE OF GARBAGE" so ya this is something you'll only get to see on vidme.
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply Lol im sry I don't quite understand. You think im a feminist?
      • [ – ] ShimonKonichiwa parent reply Depends on weather that offends you.
        • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply No im not easily offended Im just asking what you meant bc I didn't quite understand your comment. The first 2 mins of my video was me joking acting like a fem. The rest of the vid I talk about my real opinion. What exactly did you disagree with? :)
          • [ – ] ShimonKonichiwa parent reply Welllllllllll then imma a piece of shit filled with prejudice don't really bother replying to me because I didn't see your full video ... I'm sorry mate
            • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply lmbo!! heheheh well at least you are honest! i probably triggered in the beginning huh? xD its totally fine ^^
              • Roland808 parent reply thats funny dude lol im guilty of it myself, typing a comment before videos finish, gotta admire your honesty :)
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply Hey everyone.. sorry i had to re-upload this video and make some small changes... Bandai gave me a false copyright strike... -__-
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