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  • PYob reply Also as a counselor, he wouldn't cross his legs, that body language deems you are against the other person, not empathetic with them, disgusting IMO.
  • PYob reply I thought same as outofcon77, this guy is keeping his legs tightly crossed for sexual reasons. WHY was a young girl talking intimately not interviewed by woman???
  • outofcon77 reply Hand between crutch. Seems like he's masturbating himself using he's leg filth!
  • Destin reply Destin The guy is creepy. Looks like a Perv. Why was she not interviewed by a Female...?
  • IronHeart reply When Abraham promised the kids that their dad and the rest would never get them back, the kids felt at liberty to tell the truth (or lie as some say they did), telling their initial story of abuse which they also told to the police during the first interview. In this video, however, A is retracting what she initially said. If she told one story when she felt safe and is telling another when she is back with the people that she was promised to be protected from, then which story is more probably the truth? As for secret languages, the officer could have been doing that; but I think it's more visual cues they practiced before the interview. A seems to be under some type of hypnotism and when given visual cues (leg movement, scratching eyes, etc.), she is supposed to remember to stick with the made up story. I don't believe the officer moved so often because he was tired and bored; I believe he was giving A visual cues to stick with the re-written script. I believe that there was hypnosi...mores before this interview and hypnotic suggestion and cuing during the interview.
  • 7654321 reply Thanks. Please pick my vids up from Zeekly and share!
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