I Live in a Crazy House - Help me figure this out!

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  • BananaQiGong reply Maybe they had really autistic kids. Like the kind that would come out of their bedrooms at night and kill themselves with a spoon, or eat the laundry powder, if given half the chance.
  • [ – ] KennKong reply This explains the sudden crash in deadbolt prices on Ebay! I would think about reporting this to the local police, because an innocent person may be held against their will. Maybe do a little digging on the previous owners, and see if they had children. But before jumping to conclusions, you might check for other clues. For example, are any exterior windows fastened shut?
    • Bitchspot parent reply Nope, none of that. Besides, this would have happened 2 years ago, there's really no point in reporting it now.
  • [ – ] Maingun reply I have some friends that had a 5 year old daughter with severe emotional problems. She was extremely calm and simultaneously violent. On one occasion, she managed to killed one of their cats. The last incident, she was caught at 1am standing over one of her brothers while he slept with a kitchen knife in her hand. They called her therapist and he told them to remove anything that she could her herself with from her room and lock her in there until the morning when they could bring her in. But even in that extreme case, they just used the door knob from the bathroom and flipped the mechanism over and it was just for that one night. The only other thing I can think of is one of these crazy fundamentalist families that lock up their kids as punishment or "for their own safety."
    • [ – ] Bitchspot parent reply But it's every door. It's closets. I mean the door into the laundry room had a lock from the outside. I honestly don't get it.
      • [ – ] Maingun parent reply My dad is a retired historical architect. He's seen a lot of head-scratching shit. I'll bounce it off of him the next time we talk. Apart from the Manson family or the same evil space monkeys that built the addition to my house (metal roof nail directly to the rafters with no sheathing and 2x4s for floor joists) I'm just as clueless.
        • Bitchspot parent reply Nothing they did here makes any sense. I mean, they were trying to put in fake "adobe" fences, where they put up chicken wire and covered it in something plaster-like, all outside mind you, so it's just falling apart. I have one fence that I need to rip down entirely and put up a respectable fence. I already rebuilt all of the gates because they were falling apart too. I can't understand why they did it that way, but at least I understand what they were trying to do. This though... I don't get at all. I don't comprehend the purpose.
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