The Sad Truth About The Paris Climate Accord

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  • Leadhead reply Trump will look after his country and his people, and great on him!! I certainly wish we in Canada had a political leader with some spine, even just a little bit. The global climate initiative is a system to suck tax dollars from working people and line the pockets of the globalist elite.
  • Caesar0031 reply It's funny how they never tell you to throw out the idiot box, one of the biggest power guzzlers there is (cause of course they'll lose their grip on you)
  • PeterPirnat reply Thank you for uploading on
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Great listen. People rarely understand the carbon footprint of harmless overpopulation via illegal immigration.
  • duckhk reply I know it's good when the MSM tells us it's bad.
  • cavibird2005 reply Stefan, making the internet great again!
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply These leaders are just money hungry windbags who think that we are all fucking stupid. Nothing ever in history has been worth or cost this much. We skipped from millions to trillions in a matter of 3 years. How the hell? These numbers are made up bullshit that have no background and no premise. Where is all this money coming from and where is it going to? Basically the accord or summit is just a way for countries to trade their Co2 rights and other resources for what they want. They can all go fuck themselves and keep their hands out of my pockets.
  • Session_Jones_209 reply Hopefully we will leave this horrible agreement
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