The Jewish Question

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  • Xexor reply This is why I follow you, MrE. You're not afraid to speak the truth, regardless of possible backlash. I love it. This is absolutely spot-on. I'm all for Israel maintaining its sovereignty and identity, but the same should be true of other nations. It's bad enough that politicians like Gysi and Merkel work to force the extinction of their own culture. But we also have to be aware of those who pretend to be on the nationalist side of things but who then flood their own nations with immigrants of an incompatible culture. What I find most disturbing is how widespread this movement has become over the past couple of decades. How can you loathe yourself so much that you wish you didn't exist? I doubt I'll ever understand. :(
  • survivalist reply Apologies for the odd typing error.
  • survivalist reply Read " breaking the spell " By the great dr. nick kollerstrom phd. The judaeo masonic rothschild zionists and their sovereign military order of malta cohorts who RUN EVERYTHING are respinsible for abject poverty accross the world, every war since waterloo and have murdered BILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE this GROUP OF mass murderers and genicidal maniacs continue to commit these heinous crimes to this day with impunity due to their huge influence in the governments of the u.s.,u.k.saudi arabia, europe and others.
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