The Consequences of Denying Reality

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  • [ – ] JohnE9999 reply I'm going to watch all of your stuff here from now on. Fuck YouTube.
  • Concerned_Citizen247 reply You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
  • nibris reply @ComputingForever I was watching one of your videos on YouTube and you referenced VidMe. Google is cancer. I'm sick of social media that's openly against conservative and libertarian free speech. I'm boycotting and will only follow you on here
  • GreyMan739 reply The Consequences of multiculturalism.
  • AvenueofIntrigue reply PC Culture is a dangerous kind. When self preservation becomes secondary to appearing not racist, there's a problem.
  • [ – ] Garak reply If the response to terrorism is stuff like the Patriot Act, no thanks. It needs to be understood that Islam is not compatible with anything else and trying to force the round block into the square hole will only result in war but only after enough terrorist attacks against the west occur. Maybe it's time to consider that our leaders are looking for war because they can't really be as stupid as they seem to be.
  • c_arnold03 reply The talking heads are absolutely correct in saying, "we will not be affected..." They've the income to live in gated communities, or luxurious high rise buildings with robust security services. They'll hop on their private jets to far off destinations where they can bask in the sun at exclusive, privately owned, and heavily patrolled private beaches. The controlled MSM isn't concerned with what we plebs think or say anymore. It's preoccupied with keeping the keys to power turning in their masters favor and using the deep state to keep the malcontents under control.
  • Stamasian reply Free speech is definitively important to a lot of people, and I applaud the people who are talking about watching your content on Vid.Me as opposed to YouTube who as we know now, doesn't respect free speech in a lot of categories. In the spirit of a free open market, continue to show your disapproval of certain policies by showing them that there are better alternatives out there, and we will find it and leave them in the dust.
  • Sharpwing reply It's like how we often don't let our guard down. Most people who scare someone get punched, not because of hate or disdain, but because it's a knee jerk response. Don't bitch about nature, accept it.
  • Howesenberg reply As citizens we have the power to do the following: 1. Think for ourselves, refuse to be lead into beliefs which serve the powerful (coincidence that Rupert Murdoch has interests in Genie Energy..and where do they get their oil?.... Yep you guessed it) 2. Respect fellow men/women as if they were your family. All it takes is to befriend someone who is different to you to realize that the differences you once believed were just two aspects of society and evolution. The first being to hold caution for things and people which we do not recognize as our survival instinct reminds us that we cannot be certain of what it may be or what it may do, the second being immersed in a secluded culture which plays to our 'two tribes' mentality, when you welcome people into your circle, they are no longer the outsiders, suddenly our morality towards them changes. So by welcoming multiculturalism you are lessening the personal war we may feel is happening and we can only pray even if you are not religiou...mores (such as myself) that the global war created by governments will come to and end when we inevitably run out of resources to have a war over.
  • KinTailFox reply 'll never understand how people can just walk around with blinders on. It's true that you could choose to ignore what goes on around you but, and this is a weird way to put it for lack of a better word, do things around you choose to ignore you? No, simply put you may stick your head in the sand but when shirt hits the fan you'll play your part. Thanks for a really insightful video, I'll be stuck thinking about this for some time :3
  • blindfire reply When will we recognize the problem? When will we say enough is enough?
  • the_vicar reply thanks for pointing your viewers to this site
  • ThePreditorVlog reply I heard an official say on the news that attacks have become commonplace. They want us to accept this as daily routine.
  • nodetact reply Looks like Dan is giving Katherine a run for her money - her Vidme channel specifically says she's normal beyond her cat addiction! @ComputingForever @katlovescats Oh, and great job on these videos by the way... 'Been looking around albeit biased for the interesting ones but also the underrated footage as well. The Minds and Vidme direct analysis' got my attention, huh? ;D
  • cr1t1cal reply Glad you turned me on to vidme, Dave...... it's great...
  • spike5022 reply I keep being told that playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features that my browser does not support. I can, occasionally, view a video, but not normally. Any ideas?
  • TheMichaelJShow reply Dave I too will be watching you content exclusively on VidMe.
  • kcjonescentral reply Why can't you list these videos as politics
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