Warning: Youtube Hates You!

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  • Jesser1975 reply I haven't posted new stuff on YouTube in several months. They're not providing a service to us. We're providing a service to them. The viewers are the product. We supply those. Clearly, Alphabet has forgotten who's beholden to whom. I'll be glad when they're declared a monopoly.
  • [ – ] TranimeGirl reply I'll follow you wherever you go.
    • [ – ] LizzReptile parent reply awesome
      • Corinthian parent reply I can't believe YouTube is coming to this, it was part of my childhood, I remember watching so many people back in the day. I guess all good things must come to an end, I wish Google never bought them.
  • Kizzume reply It's good to see you here.
  • whitezombie reply Hi lizz! Nice to see you on vid me. Away from Gulag censorship. Yt want to be a streaming tv service, who the hell will watch that's another thing.
  • Corinthian reply Good thing I've made this channel beforehand.
  • patrickbrinkmann reply Why ?! Everyone love the BOSS from Germany #PATRICKBRINKMANN only if you have Balls
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