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  • Steve-Redfield reply Just watched the bit where Mandy talks about the obsession with laura, and about her being saved. I completely agree. I find it so emotional. Especially the bit where she said he was the man from her dream. I boo'ed my eyes out.
  • Steve-Redfield reply I'm very late to this (12 hour shift) Mandy and Annie today Yay! Oh yeah and Cameron 😜 Only seen beginning so far. Am loving the new boxset cover!!! So gorgeous
  • [ – ] hbrandt reply there's a booklet in the CD!
  • Steve-Redfield reply Audrey's ending was a perfect WTF! I'd hate it if there were more scenes set after that explained anything.
  • Steve-Redfield reply I'd love a whole season of deleted scenes lol
  • TheLodge reply I still believe the Fireman is pulling Laura out of the top of the black lodge through his head when he is creating the Laurob. That's when she screams, which is the same scream in the past as she disappears. We then see the red curtains, and in the red room after Laura whispers to Coop, we see the White horse which is symbolized by the horse on Carries mantle piece.
  • TheLodge reply It's true, you can't top Lithgow :D Sabrina said on another podcast that it has always been "Twin Peaks" but the network added "The Return" so that people knew it was a new season.
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