Xcom Enemy Unknown Episode 23 (Several Autopsies)

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  • [ – ] Reeedom-of-Speech reply Satellites are massively important, throw them up asap but no, only a satellite over India will lower the threat in India
    • [ – ] Shook50 parent reply Yeah, I think I was late somehow building new satellites. I seem to be on a better pace to make them now. So does putting a satellite over a country lower the threat immediately, or does it help keep it lower by being able to shoot down UFOs that are causing panic?
      • [ – ] Reeedom-of-Speech parent reply It drops the threat over that country immediately by 2 or 3 bars, it seems to me the more satellite coverage you have, the less alien activity there is. Im at end game now but not completing the final mission, Im hiring and firing thousands of soldiers to train up a full British Psionic soldier squad. Sad I know, I was playing the original XCom games back in the early 90s, I love em
        • Shook50 parent reply Ah, that's a good bit of info, I've been hesitant to put a satellite over a country that was close to leaving. I was worried about losing the satellite if they left soon after. I've had the game for over a year but just now finally getting into it. I feel like I'm bad at the strategy, but it's very fun.
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