Pewdiepie is a Nazi! (Serious Time)

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  • [ – ] JizzCannon reply Liberalism is being rejected WORLDWIDE. Anyone with a brain that isn;t an indoctrinated dipshit like Bansic can see what frauds the Left is.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That's some real talk. I actually like this opinion video. I like the comedy stuff too but you really gave a well measured response to all the craziness the past couple of days.
  • Dos_Gaming reply He freaking dressed up as an English soldier!! The main enemy of the freaking nazis!!!
  • SFCspectacular reply I don't like pewee pie but the media is attacking him unjustly...Its a bunch of bull! Great video
  • Eilytres reply This is actually great from a marketing standpoint for Poopypie. I'd like to quote Philip Defranco "If you're in the entertainment business and you think this will end him you're stupid." I think it's good that some people over on vid me covered this. Not for the sake of Pewdiepies justice but to show us what these "Good and Honest" newspapers are doing. I watched a Swedish video covering it, they did the same shit. "Appearently Pewdiepie thinks that doing hitler jokes is awesome and the media is scared of him." That clip was 13 SECONDS and I had to watch 45 SECONDS OF ADDS. That means they had to add revenue 3 x 15 second add clips in order to cover the cost of publicating that piece of "information". Speaks for itself doesn't it? This is however nothing new if you check history of time, Kings and democracy has fallen to a younger generation and the same thing is happening here. The journalists of the WSJ are closed into this section that "internet doesn't matter vs the real world"...more. They're dying, it's natural law and order. What scares me is how little actual journalism there is left.
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