Brooklyn Lost its Balls!

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  • [ – ] oldweatherguy reply You say that you only delete comments that are mean as in vidme's rules. Well I have never been mean, I have challenged or corrected you but, never mean and you delete my comments anyways.
    • V4Vaughan74 parent reply 100% correct, dude. Not once have I written a mean comment. I only have to disagree or point out how Von is wrong and my comments magically disappear... Just as this one probably will. It's almost like Von is not interested in a conversation, and only interested in people who agree with him.
  • [ – ] VonHelton reply
    • VonHelton parent reply Apparently, the US Army was the first to use Gold Fringe on the flag, but there is no explanation why. Well, I know why. It signifies whether we are still at war or not. It also signifies Admiralty Law, which can **ONLY** be used during war time!!
  • [ – ] Trx125 reply And why did they get in the street, don't they have plenty of places (government) built them for evil chants...
    • V4Vaughan74 parent reply Von, first you complain no one is commenting then you say people cannot comment unless they are being "nice" So you are not interested in a conversation at all you are just interested in people agreeing with you. Pathetic.
  • Trx125 reply I told you when one refuses the mark of the beast, that cult will be cutting heads off.
  • Rendar reply Brooklyn is full of pussies. I was born in Fordham part of the Bronx we would have never put up with that shit back in the day. thank the Gods I moved away from there
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