Bungie and Digital Foundry Misleading Us About Destiny 2?

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  • ShinyBigBoo reply Yes!! Exactly!!! I think it's because they built the engine for D1 at 30 Hz and barely changed it for Destiny 2. DF mentioned this in the video, but the way he brushed it off... And after Bungie made so much money on D1! >:( I can't wait to see if this blows up later. The hardcore Destiny players are going to play through D2 once and go back to D1 until the get more D2 DLC... You're going to be able to feel just how identical they are, especially in such close juxtaposition. The reload animations and emote animations are 1:1 to D1. Destiny 2 is a remaster of a game that came out on X360 with the particle and lighting effects turned up. They're all lying to us. This is PR bordering on propoganda! Bungie seems to have cut every corner and struck every backroom deal... The whole mid-generation bs has been just incredible to watch. What is a sequel and what is just an expansion?? The line is blurring even for hardware...
  • Politics_N_Games reply I don't think Sony and Microsoft will bother with mid-gen upgrades, next gen. They probably just experimented this gen, to see if mid-gen consoles would sell.
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