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  • GoMGTOW reply Great story... Your well versed, and you remind me of Howard Dare. That Mic sounds awesome by the way. Always wanted a Neumann for my studio, what model are you using if I may ask?
  • VonMotes reply And when you said Clarion call, it reminded me of this poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson: So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When Duty whispers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can. PERIL around, all else appalling, Cannon in front and leaden rain, Him duty, through the clarion calling To the van, called not in vain.
  • VonMotes reply Great video. I rush, though I think I will watch your videos for a while, but to my point, I think you are probably a-religious, and this is more damning (no pun intended) than you may realize. ¶ The fact is religion helps control idiot masses and it provides rites and bounds to resist tempation that can keep women in check, also and most importantly it unites men with God between them. I think we need to believe in God, in greater consciousness, one probably exist, but isn't perfect, and probably thinks much slower than we do, seeing much, but seeing it slowly, I may make a video to expound as the idea is hard to explain, but it is like God (and I believe over galactic distances there may be higher gods, but for all intents and purposes I refer to the consciousness of life around us as God) may see us as we see house flies. Flies think they are quicker, and maybe they are, but we think slower and deeper, and can pattern them out until we completely compass their possibilities. ¶ I t...morehink God is important between men to keep peace to provide isolation and to temper jealousy, so that we both recognize we have a deep root in the absolute and inextinguishable being, then we can cooperate, then we can trust one another, then we can control women, then Patriarchy doth reign on Earth. ¶ Regards, VonMotes
  • VonMotes reply Schopenhauer > Nietzsche
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