Murdered Soul Suspect Xbox One #19 | NerdJock Vid 408

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  • [ – ] IceRevolver reply Was it worth the price you bought it for?
    • Harbinger50 parent reply Oh absolutely . . . because it was free with gold membership haha. Pretty sure it's $10 or less at gamestop now. BUT, if you were to sit down first thing in the morning, you'd have the main story beat by dinner. There's a bunch of extra objectives (collect X amount of a thing and a side story gets revealed), but I didn't go all out to complete all of those so the game could take longer.
  • [ – ] IceRevolver reply Didn't get into this game
    • Harbinger50 parent reply I can definitely understand that. Gameplay is pretty weak, but I love a good story and this one has a pretty good one. Just beat it the other night. Not blown away, but not disappointed either.
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