The Rent is Too Damn High! Salon Faces Lawsuit over Back Rent at Former Offices

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  • Phobos_Media reply This has to be on your end, @Styxhexenhammer666 same problem as on youtube. BLINK THRICE IF YOU'RE BEING HELD UNDER DURESS
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply Screen froze. Thank goodness the audio is fine
  • Auceza reply Audio and vidio didn't work well this time. Maybe more and more people settle down at and cause more traffic. :-)
  • [ – ] valereth reply RIP Gawker. Press S to spit on its grave Hope Salon dies too
  • VybeyPantelonez reply This is why states' rights is so important. Ahhh gotta love karma. You advocate for leftist policies then it drives ur rent to the point where you cant afford it and can no longer keep the doors open. Love it: economic karma
  • Sock_Puppet reply Glad to see the pro-peadophile outfit known as Salon is falling on hard times, I just hope the authorities are keeping an eye on the people involve there. Also this is the second video in a row which is badly synced and doesn't end with "That's about all, peace out"....Styx are you needing us to send out a rescue party?...
  • Scratch_Paper_Games reply My heart weeps for them.
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