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  • Auceza reply People who got diabetes aren't also allowed to join the army. :-) You should watch Styxhexenhammer666. He got better arguments on this topic.
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Category: "The only thing that's anti-gay is if it's gay people being killed" Dude, If gay people are discriminated against, that's wrong. Haven forbid anyone should get killed. That's why we have to work together to protect all our people from Muslim terrorism. Orlando is close to my home. Those were my brothers and sisters. That's the threat to the LGBT people. LGBT citizens will enjoy all the rights given to them by God and described in our constitution. If a church discriminates against you, help to grow the number of LGBT friendly churches in America, such as the one I (infrequently) go to. I am a straight Christian who believes LGBT brothers and sisters are part of America and part of the Kingdom of God. See you in Heaven.
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