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  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply Great to See your Face and enjoy your Truthful Commentary. I had trouble last night locating your channel so now that I have the correct one, I will be following an subscribing. Shame on Youtube.
  • GlobalProBlack reply The only thing that went bye bye is your channel. You white supremacist.
  • feargodnotdeath reply Gabe I was the first one to cover the fact your YouTube channel was shut down. I would appreciate a shout out due to the fact I am a much smaller person follower wise on vidme than you. Until I can get 50 followers I can't upload that many videos. Btw here's my proof to the first sentence.
  • [ – ] HELLTOPAY reply Cock-sucking nigger ruined the nation.
  • OldTimer reply Democraps are now saying that they are looking to change things in Banana Scam Care being they are afraid when mid term elections happen next year they may lose seats so we shall see...
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