Blind Enrollment: The Alternative to Affirmative Action

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  • [ – ] FunkyMunky reply The exact same thing happens in the employment sector. Discrimination in the guise of "diversity". I am caucasian. I have been searching for a job for a while. I almost never get job interviews. I have seen a huge rise in the number of job interviews I have received since I started marking myself as aboriginal on job applications. The next step will be that I'll claim to be a transgender black midget lesbian. I'll have a job within a week! I advise EVERYONE to do this! This will FORCE them to abandon the affirmative action laws if everyone exploits them.
    • FunkyMunky parent reply Claiming to be aboriginal paid off. I have a job now. I seriously encourage everyone to claim to be aboriginal
  • Auceza reply E-Learning is the future.
  • JohnnyWishbone reply Sounds like too much common sense to me. In this backwards ass world it would never fly.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply YouTube is crap. is much better.
  • Phobos_Media reply Heey does this mean politics category works again?
  • HotTamales reply You are wrong if you think Jews are being discriminated against. Jews are MASSIVELY over-represented in Ivy League schools, positions of power in government and in the media. You however are 100% correct about ending the racist program of systemic discrimination called affirmative action.
  • [ – ] BullshitMan reply I don't understand why this hasn't already happened. (Actually, I do. But it just seems so obvious.)
    • [ – ] BullshitMan parent reply By the way, follow my channel cunts! (There's a video I've created using Styx's video as well, in case I need to entice you over). That's about all. Peace out.
  • JVanDevender reply Go Styx on Vidme! Big middle finger to YouTube
  • sfkillmelater reply My mom is now watching all of styx videos and is shocked by all the information that was kept from her by the mainstream media. She is officially red pilled!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Lol trump is gr8
  • FuerchtegottGellert reply That'll hurt the women the most.
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