Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience

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  • BookSmart reply Should probably edit out the "bell button" and "notification squad" part when uploading to Vidme.
  • StoriesFablesGhostlyTales reply Love infographics!! :D You got me mate :D Keep'e comin!
  • Jack_Mac reply First video I've ever watched on VidMe! Okay thats all
  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply A broken heart is certainly one of the most painful experiences😢 I once fractured both my elbows at the age of 31. At peak pain afterwards I was screaming for morphine. After I got it I was never in that much pain. The broken hearts I've endured have been way more painful and lasted for months and to this day can unexpectedly hurt.
  • [ – ] sarah reply i was wincing in my seat watching this. for some reason everything hurts now
  • teambrookyn reply acupuncture is no problem at all, i've even had the needles hooked up to the grid and have them juice it up, it's fine you just need a doc who knows where they go
  • Platypus67 reply In my experience the most excruciating pain was when my dentist accidentally drilled into a nerve of one of my teeth. My head felt like exploding in lightning. THE PUREST HORROR EVER!
  • Zacharias reply I suffer from cluster headaches. An interesting thing about them is that they are not always super painful but are always excruciating, by that I mean you can isolate the unbearable aspect from the pain itself. I will say though that this has helped me learn quite a bit about human empathy and endurance. Someone mentioned a broken heart, I would say this is worse then a cluster headache as the pain from emotions has no upper threshold.
  • Chrisfragger1 reply Viking Torture "Blood Eagle". Scaphism. Pear of Anguish. Brazen Bull.
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