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  • [ – ] Jim-Bob reply The name Youtube seems a bit defunct now, since YOU are not welcome anymore.
  • reverendsimonsideways reply It's because of this very thing that I have moved over to vidme . The left hate free speech
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply It is coming back to destroy them as, YouTube has given you all the reason you need to seek an alternative format. Put your content on, Minds and any other format including YouTube. Then Tweet, Blogger, to your audience where they can find your videos. YouTube doesn't control which platform you grow. Remember YouTube and Face Book didn't exist that long ago. The problem is they don't have enough competition. CNN went down and Facebook relies on your content and can be abandoned by you. YOU are not their bitch, so it's time to teach YouTube the same lesson that CNN took.
    • ClimatePonziLie parent reply Just an up date on more censoring from YouTube and Goolag. YouTube's "Limited State" Is Now In Effect BREAKING NEWS: YOUTUBE Creates Audio Filter That Blacklisted the Word "Trump" On News Channels
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Please Sign Up For Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter Facebook & Youtube BREAKING: Twitter Censors Eric Trump Tweet Quoting Drudge's July Job Numbers Report The sooner we adopt these other apps the faster we can take back control. We need Trump and his family and administration to also adapt one of these alternative chat formatts. I was also informed that is a good soultion by another vidoe produces. People are moving to as Twitter Sucks And Here's How You Can Fight Them
  • BJDOnline reply Jordan is an excellent dude. When you're one on one with him at a dinner you realize how truly remarkable he is and how much he has sacrificed to protect the most basic principals of a liberal democracy. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak in person jump on the chance. He has weekly talks in Toronto. If anyone is interested please let me know.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Illegal Agenda 21 meeting the real NAZI's among you, they create schemes too put you on the hook for Billions of dollars. They put in bike lanes to increase road congestion, too force you onto TOLLL ROADS that will be give your TAX payer fund road system to private owners. Their block off roads to increase your drive time and distance, because they want to charge you TAX by the mile. These Government Officials are scheming behind your back, meeting in back rooms, and don't want you too know what their planning. If they did you would be consulted and informed on their plans. NO it all back room secret meeting. Would you pay $500 dollars a year to have a bicycles license to build bike trails. That is what there doing is they raised your registration and fuel TAXES to give the road you paid for to Bicycles. The real reason is they want to create traffic congestion so you'll give in and use the TOLL ROADS that you will pay interest on and a TOLL and a MILLAGE TAX. It charging you several t...moreimes for the same service and giving it to special interest groups.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Free speech is hate well what about your mayors meeting in secret to come up with illegal schemes, where they decide on borrowing Billions of Dollars and deciding on you being on the hook to pay interest on that money. TRUMP SHUTTING DOWN AGENDA 21 SHADOW GOVERNMENT AGENCIES grindall61 MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: FIGHTING THE AGENDA 21 GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF OUR ENERGY. KEVIN DE LEON CAUGHT PARTICIPATING IN BROWN POWER EVENT. CHASED AND SHOUTED DOWN BY TRUMP SUPPORTERS AGENDA 21 COLLEGE: THIS IS WHY THE UNIVERSITIES ARE MELTING DOWN RIGHT NOW.
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