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  • [ – ] POVincent reply I've been disappointed by the DCEU, so far. Don't worry, dude. I'm not looking for a fight haha. However, was geeking out while watching Wonder Woman. It was so satisfying so see one of the most famous superheroes in the word, get a good movie.
    • [ – ] FrameByFrame parent reply Haha, I'm not one of those Fanboys that's going to hate you just for disliking a movie that I enjoyed. I totally can understand and respect that opinion! The important thing is that I'm really glad that we can agree this movie was pretty awesome!
  • Nyhan_Films reply I liked it. I'm glad it's doing well, and despite what I think of the movie it's definitely game changer, because of its impact.
  • SPIRITMANSTUDIOS reply It is not the first female superhero film. Supergirl had a movie almost 40 years ago. Electra also had one. Both of these films here are bad, but Wonder Woman is the First GOOD female superhero film.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I might have to see this film, just for kicks.
  • lambdog76 reply I thought the movie was very good, but pacing was off and the story was, while excellent quite predictable. There were some excellent details and fine acting, I was so exhausted in the third act, I had a hard time caring about the final fight other than it related to Diana's character developement. Good to see DC hitting it strong, but if you offered me free tickets to either see this or guardians 2 again, I would probably go for Guardians.
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