✰ASMR✰ Crimson Pages | Day 7, Chapter 11 | Halloween 2017

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  • SeafoamKitten reply Aw omg such a great ending to an amazing series ^_^ Great job!!
  • apbernard reply What an ending it was tense there for a moment when indigo almost died. Is she finally seeing the error in her ways??? hmm
  • dantesinporno reply Fantastically written and acted throughout. I found exploring these characters very entertaining. You do excellent work, ladies. Happy Halloween.
  • [ – ] JasonE5 reply Great ending, to a great series! Thanks for putting in all the work that this must have taken, it was fantastic :)
  • [ – ] SmoothRiverrock reply So many wrongs don't make anything right. I still wonder where Lady Indigo is now, but I suppose that's another story. Thank you. 💗
  • elevedescience reply Wonderful work! I follow attentively this series since the 25th and I'm hooked. The only sad thing is that it's an halloween special and it might end soon. The story is fantastic and the acting... Well you know how cathartic tour videos are for me and a huge part comes from the acting. Moreover, the progress you've made with the editing must be mentioned. How much time did you need to learn that much? Thank you so much. I can't wait for the next video!
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