In Astonishing Moment of Sanity, Sanders Recognizes Democratic Party is Failing

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  • [ – ] MickiDaWop reply Off topic a bit, but you brought up Bernie, so...I went to a Bernie rally with my daughter, and shockingly, there were no white KKK costumes trying to prevent me from going. There were no Nazis trying to interrupt his speech, amazingly, I made it home completely unharmed by all the Nazis and fascist's they've been telling me are out there trying to oppress them. The rioters, both BLM and ANTIFA are the one's who really convinced me though, to vote for TRUMP...well done, idiots. Well, that's about all. Peace out ;)
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Excellent observation. You're totally right. People who lean right tend to leave you to your own devices while the left perpetually pisses and moans about how they deserve more free stuff instead of realizing that what we really need is more freedom and less taxes. It's like they've never been to secretary of state or the dmv... thats what a competitionless bureaucracy looks like... do you want to beg food from those types? I sure as shit don't.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply You're totally right styx. I dont know why they dont change their tactics except that i think Theyre just being controlled by a few important people at the top instead of listening to their base. But they are totally wrong: We dont need more handouts we need more freedom, less spending, less taxes and let people farm their own food if they cant afford any. Also more compassionate conservatism but we've got to stop paying for peoples children if they cant afford them... at what point does it stop??? I mean the population is exponentially growing so at some point you've got to let natures way bring us back to equilibrium instead of guaranteeing everyone resources (which will never pan out well in the long run) imo.
  • ModernCaveman reply The left tribal echo chamber is fearful, if the centrist don't step up with viable leadership the center left will continue to look to the far left. Antics numbers are rising and they are gaining more support though I doubt the majority are true violent communist revolutionaries.
  • wolfalexzemla reply The dimocRats don't have anyone cause liberals are phuckheads. jus sayn.
  • wolfalexzemla reply The democRATS jerked the wheel hard to the left and went off the trestle.
  • [ – ] TheCastle reply I say right now that as a liberal its better in the long run to side with conservatism while brandishing a technologist style spin on world views. Technology like self driving cars and increasing automation will create a situation where unemployment is that will force socialist discussion organically. If we all shift far enough to the right and stay long enough to suffocate neoliberalism to extinction levels while pushing higher technology like artificial intelligence and robotics it will give the liberal party a clean slate to start over again with new toys. No matter how well conservatism has worked in the past it will not survive unchanged when unemployment sky rockets due to high technology.
    • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply Ai will be used for evil things and self driving cars will take most of all the freedom we have left. You will only be able to go where they-whoever they is, wants.
      • TheCastle parent reply I don't doubt this at all. At the same time a lot of AI is open source. But AI will be able to quantify things we have never really been able to before.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply If thats the case we will need conservatism even more. Why cant people go back to farming their own food then? We did it for thousands of years. Socialism will never. ever. Work.
      • [ – ] TheCastle parent reply That's kind of what I thought as well, except capitalism takes a shit the second the value of goods drops below a certain threshold. You can already see the cracks forming on this front when you look at open source software and things like that. Once libtards realize that if they can encourage corporations to go full Universal basic income by forcing big corporations to replace as many humans as possible its going to be like sharks smelling blood. robots == free stuff free stuff ruins the free market...
        • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Noone is giving out fr3e stuff... at least not enough to live off of. Id much rather just allow people to farm their own food if theyre poor. Then you can get exercise, lose weight, and stop taxing me to pay for your cummings
          • TheCastle parent reply If liberals play their cards correctly they can follow a handful of possible axioms to force us into a universal basic income checkmate. All it takes is pushing corporations into a situation where automation produces the most ideal results on as many fronts as possible in as short a time as possible. We would then face economic collapse or a UBI for all citizens. This means that it is ESPECIALLY important that we close the borders to immigration now! UBI plus immigration would rofle stomp us into a third world within a couple years.
  • Panjandrum reply Sadly for the Dems, their leader is still Hillary Clinton. She's almost certain to run again next time, and it's unlikely any newer faces could edge her out.
  • Nazi-Ryu reply Here's how Bernie Sanders can still win... *makes lame Bernie pepe meme in MS paint and posts on twitter
  • Chemistry_Fetish reply Hopefully they fix their party. Like Trump or not the fact they where able to lose to him shows the Liberals have major problems go face and I am confident that if they loose once again to the Republicans they will be forced to change and the good for everyone as if the republicans go corrupt then the people have a dodge.
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