Jared Kushner will meet Tech Giants

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  • [ – ] userXVI reply Stop using google search seeking what goes on in the world. Wikipedia is also tainted. Kushner... 666 is considered lucky in China, therefore an adress with this 3 digit number is simply worth more than other numbers. ddg.gg Search " 666 Lucky " So You like theories? Look up "Young turk 1908" The Turkish people never killed 3 million armenians, it was.... You wil see... You will become a Racist, You will understand. Dont You want to see who killed millions of people? How about if I was to tell You, The Germans never killed Jews, not more than 400,000 (still wrong). Do You want the Ultimate undiniable truth? Search up "SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD" God save German culture.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply I cannot discuss topics like that in detail. It would be highly illegal in my country, honestly. To even debate the actual numbers would be considered a felony here. I am sorry. I do not not live in a free country anymore. The state decides what is wrong or correct. Many greetings to you.
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