Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 35 - Win Friends And Influence People

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  • BobbyTheSheep reply HELLLLOOO HUMAN!!!!!!! <3 I really loved Mass Effect 2 and 3. Even though 3's ending was very ?!?!?!?! --- it was still a great game overall. Have you tried Andromeda? How do you find it? Personally I think it can't touch ME 2 and 3, but is better than 1. And it's not AS BAD as some humans made it out to be you know? The second half of the game is fun. However, it's far from great and was rushed out too quickly..... seems to be a theme when EA is involved :S I like the fact that you don't interrupt the game play with too much commentary -- you have just the right amount!!! Hope to see more game play footage from you!!! Will check you out on YouTube too!
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