Left vs Right - Where to from Berkeley?

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  • Muddywaters reply Looks like he is in a security box and has become so bored and isolated from reality he has lost touch with rational thought.
  • winstonsmith1914 reply nah war is needed. The time for talking is over the left have made that clear. It is war they want. Eventually that is what they will get. As for me, I will just watch it all play out on TV while I sit back and play video games.
  • Leadhead reply Just another self righteous SJW retard, again, why the fuck does their arguments make zero sense??
  • Merc_1977 reply "Anarcho-Communists"? That is a complete oxymoron. You cannot pair anti-authoritarianism with the ultimate, cradle-to-grave authoritarian system. BTW, there are no Nazis involved with government anywhere here in America. It is a miniscule, outdated system. These commies label "Nazis" are true, freedom-loving Americans. That's a fact, Deal with it.
  • jj27 reply I work 40 hours a week, if I got mugged I'm probably to fuck to put up a fight. Let alone turn up to this bullshit
  • CandidApples reply Thanks for including the vid by Billy Bong. I'd never heard of him before, but wow. That shit is just straight up, no BS, what is REALLY happening.
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Antifa is largely made up of spoiled children who not only had always gotten their own way, but were never disciplined. Due to the neglectful parents who never hit these out of control kids, they have grown up with a false sense that there will never be repercussions for their actions. Now that the right has started to punish them for their transgressions, something that had never happened before in their entire lives, they are now glumly accepting the fact that the reactions to their behaviour isn't a price they want to pay just so they can get a selfie to impress their thousands of "friends" on social media. If the police would vacate the areas where the right gather & let them handle these so called anarchist once they go past the barricades, then it would only take but a few to be martyred for "their cause" for the rest to decide to scurry back to safety of their white bread suburbs & give up their fantasies of being revolutionaries.
  • FindingWonderment reply People are too sensitive. We're in a paradigm shift right now. We don't need more war. I agree. Stop trying to force your views on people and lashing out against them for not adopting them. Let's take time to get to understand different views, not claim to be open-minded but shut everyone down like a hypocrite. We need to teach open-communication, because there are a severe number of people who don't grasp this concept and put it into practice. We are human, and we are one. The Earth is our organism, and an organism at war with itself is destined for destruction.
  • Chuckisbaws reply Good job on this one man. I agree, violence should not be in political discourse
  • AngelofSorrow reply I've never heard of the person that is featured in this video but he is way off the mark by saying that it's all millennials, I've seen plenty of gen-x and gen-y on the playing field. And it's not the right who is as aggressive as the left, for the last year these cowards were beating innocents in the street including the elderly and you equate the right with left...fuck you.
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